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Alexis Feb 09 167 views

How is Messi good at Soccer?

How is Messi so good at soccer? Everyone wonders how is he so good I would also like to know.

shch’s Avatar
shch Jan 30 169 views

AI influence on academic

How would AI such as chatgbt affect the academic environment?

Sapphira’s Avatar
Sapphira Jan 30 98 views

What colleges should I consider going to?

I am Sapphira I was wondering what’s are some good colleges to go to for being an accountant ?

Sana’s Avatar
Sana Jan 25 214 views

accounting after BS in nutrition and Dietetics

Hi! can i do masters in accounting after BS in nutrition and Dietetics or what options i have e.g. MBA?

Raymond’s Avatar
Raymond Jan 10 662 views

What are the different kinds of careers you can get from Information Technology?

I'm not fully sure if there are different kinds of positions or careers that you can work in information Technology. If there are different kinds of positions could you name them for me and give me a description of what else there are?

Kennedy’s Avatar
Kennedy Jan 10 171 views

Graduate School Applications

How or where would I be able to find someone to help me with my letter of intent for graduate school? Particularly for the MSW program.

Tvisha’s Avatar
Tvisha Jan 09 281 views

I am not 18 yet?

I am currently 17 years old and will turn 18 this year, i love exploring new options for career, volunteering and utilising my free time but majority of the entrepries or volunteering firms have age limits of being atleast 18. I am unable to explore my career opportunites and decide if i...

joel’s Avatar
joel Jan 09 269 views

what can i do to achieve a no experienced job ?

what can i do to get a job with no experience?

brianna’s Avatar
brianna Jan 06 379 views


How do i get involved in cyber security and or security in general ?

Finn’s Avatar
Finn Dec 02, 2022 299 views

What are some jobs of the future that may not even fully exist yet?

I'm wondering if there are any jobs that could become hugely relevant that we don't fully know about yet, like how tech work became popular.

Ruveyda’s Avatar
Ruveyda Oct 27, 2021 242 views

What is the best undergraduate program for Naturopathic medicine?

I am interested in nutrition, biology, psychology and chemistry. #medicine #doctor #naturopath #nutrition

Yasmine’s Avatar
Yasmine Oct 15, 2021 345 views

What companies offer a job in marketing around the world or specifically in the UK (Northern Ireland)

I am a student interested in studying marketing, however, i would like to know what companies offer a job in this sector. This could be for the future or it could be for a work experience. #marketing #business #career #business-management

Shivam’s Avatar
Shivam Oct 13, 2021 870 views

How to learn Coding from beginning

#technology #coding #programming

lily’s Avatar
lily Oct 05, 2021 330 views

What schools in California have either a good finance, accounting, or banking programs that will help me with my future career?

#accounting #finance #business #college

Reetu’s Avatar
Reetu Oct 03, 2021 351 views

I'm from INDIA and I am studying computer science in INDIA. I will gragute in 2025. I want to do a job in NEW YROK. How can I make it possible?

I'm 17 now, and I really wanna go to New York for a job and settle there.
#computer-science #career #college