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Ruveyda’s Avatar
Ruveyda Oct 27, 2021 156 views

What is the best undergraduate program for Naturopathic medicine?

I am interested in nutrition, biology, psychology and chemistry. #medicine #doctor #naturopath #nutrition

Yasmine’s Avatar
Yasmine Oct 15, 2021 262 views

What companies offer a job in marketing around the world or specifically in the UK (Northern Ireland)

I am a student interested in studying marketing, however, i would like to know what companies offer a job in this sector. This could be for the future or it could be for a work experience. #marketing #business #career #business-management

Shivam’s Avatar
Shivam Oct 13, 2021 511 views

How to learn Coding from beginning

#technology #coding #programming

lily’s Avatar
lily Oct 05, 2021 249 views

What schools in California have either a good finance, accounting, or banking programs that will help me with my future career?

#accounting #finance #business #college

Reetu’s Avatar
Reetu Oct 03, 2021 256 views

I'm from INDIA and I am studying computer science in INDIA. I will gragute in 2025. I want to do a job in NEW YROK. How can I make it possible?

I'm 17 now, and I really wanna go to New York for a job and settle there.
#computer-science #career #college

Duclas’s Avatar
Duclas Sep 29, 2021 209 views

What is Career Village for?

Well im not that smart but I will try my best If I need to try and thats all I have. #trymybest

hannah’s Avatar
hannah Sep 23, 2021 114 views

what kind of equiptment do you all need to use?

I am a 11 grade student in high school #student

Jordan’s Avatar
Jordan Sep 21, 2021 222 views

What type of person would be a good fit for architecture? How did you know this field was right for you?

I am a 16 year old girl. I am a junior in high-school. I am currently interested in the architecture field.
#architecture #architect #career #college #university #degree

Gary’s Avatar
Gary Sep 14, 2021 164 views

What programming languages are the best for getting a job?

What programming language is most looked for from companies hiring? #programming

Anne’s Avatar
Anne Sep 11, 2021 311 views

How did you enjoy your time in audit?

How did you enjoy your time in audit? #audit

Summer’s Avatar
Summer Sep 09, 2021 119 views

Is it harder to get into the space exploration field (not an astronaut) or the medical field?

#medical #astrobiology

Kholofelo’s Avatar
Kholofelo Sep 02, 2021 225 views

How will I know that they are hiring?

I'm a bubbly person lovee to laugh and I like #fashion. I'm a people's person easy to approach and easy to communicate with

Sonny’s Avatar
Sonny Aug 27, 2021 328 views

Is Client Specialist a marketing-related job?

I was recently offered a Client Specialist job for entry level, and I am wondering if this is a good entry-level marketing job as I want to go big into marketing after college. #marketing #career #career #business

siyanda’s Avatar
siyanda Aug 22, 2021 248 views

How can I find a part time Jobs in Johannesburg?

I am a third year student at the university of Johannesburg studying toward BSc in #chemistry and physic.

Deepak’s Avatar
Deepak Aug 15, 2021 376 views

Tell me something about yourself

Tell me something about yourself ? #job-application