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Is it more fun to cut or to dye hair?

I want to know personal preference. hairdresser

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2 answers

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Alexandra’s Answer

It totally depends on your are of interest, passion, and creativity. It also depends on how you like to apply your skills to these areas. Both cut and coloring can creat lots of fun and excitement for a hairdresser. I personally took a great liking to cutting and style woman’s hair. Coloring was not fun for me, I actually found it to be a lot of trial and error, even if you are a “mixologist” with color and have a color wheel or even a wealth of knowledge in the coloring area. Everyone’s hair is very different and color will not take the same to any two people. I am a perfectionist so knowing the end result before I even begin is key for me. I loved having the vision before i even cut my client’s hair. I could see it in my head.This is why cutting provided excitement and creativity for me. I loved seeing the client so happy and feeling good about themselves. It brings joy to my heart every time i complete the cut and style.

Also keep in mind styling is another addition to the cutting and coloring. I love to style a fresh haircut, however the end results are not always the same and this is where I find i get the most positive challenge out of my career.

I could go on and on but i will leave you with this. Whatever you chose, color, cut, or styling make sure it aligns to your interest, passion and of course overall skill.

Good Luck!
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Melida’s Answer

So a very long time ago... I was a licensed Cosmetologist. It is actually nice to cut someone's hair and see that smile on their face. Coloring i a technique to master, since it will be your major money maker in that field. You will not only be working on people who have never had their hair colored to fixing a mistake made by another cosmetologist. Those are a little more difficult. So from a financial aspect, coloring should be something that you become very comfortable with.

Hope this helps! Good luck to you.
Melida Alaniz