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Is writing professionally something you've always wanted to do?

I'm an aspiring author and I'd like to know other people's stories. #author

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2 answers

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Daniela’s Answer

Hi Alyssa!

I can share my personal experience to you!

I worked as a kindergarten teacher in Brazil, for a non-profit organization for three years, and by the time, I was doing a degree in Education. After I got my degree, I started a postgraduate in Personnel Management, and I discovered that my professional goal was to work with developing people in Education. Through researches in the Internet, I realized that many philanthropic organizations needed this type of service. I managed to contact these organizations through a site, which offered virtual volunteer opportunities, and since 2012, I contribute as an educational writer for projects worldwide.

To be an educational writer is necessary first, be motivated with the theme education. The reading, research, ability to write and elaborate texts with quality are essential to the development of this work. When I talk about texts with quality, I mean the composition of educational materials that attend the real necessities of the target public and for this, it is essential to know and research a lot, the needs behind each project, person and community.

In 2013 I received an invitation from an Organization that I work for to write a book about Education and Literacy, that was launched in November 2016. Since I was a child I had a dream to become a writer and to the fact that I´m graduated in Pedagogy, I become an educational writer.

The routine of an educational writer, involves the research, the study and the writing of materials for the institution. The projects that I contribute are volunteers and targeted to Non-Governmental Intitutions, and this is what validates my work: the opportunity to contribute to organizations focused on human needs and purposes.

An educational writer is a professional who works with projects in education, and contributes to the development of contents and materials of pedagogical training, such as teaching manuals, educational articles to web, blogs and magazines, activities and lesson plans, selection of educational medias, development of online courses and guidelines for parents, students and educators.

All the projects are focused on some purpose or human necessity, and my role as collaborator is to develop contents and pedagogical strategies to parents, students and educators, in order to attend their educational needs.

I love what I perform today, because with this work I was able to link both passions in my life: the love for education and the talent for writing!

I hope this testimonial can inspire you!

I wish much success and motivation in your achievements!

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Mike’s Answer

I had no aspirations of becoming a writer but friends, family and teachers mentioned I had a talent for the written word when I was in school. The path leading to my first fiction book began when I had a dream about a secret golf course for the elite of society with a supernatural twist. This dream became the basis for my first fiction book called Beyond the Goat Trails I self-published in 2017. If you have a desire to be a writer, put pen to paper and breathe life into your goal. The experience is well worth the journey.