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How do you feel about your job?

My name is Javeion. I am a student at Job Corps , and I am reaching out to you because I believe I would enjoy a career in construction , and I would appreciate your perspective on the practical aspects of working in this area.
Here are the three questions I have for you.
1. What all do you do there?
2. Do you like what you do?
3. Is it a good job to for and what made you wanna do this? job

Thank you in advance for your time.

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2 answers

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Bhavin’s Answer


1. I am a process improvement intern. I do all sorts of things, observation and time studies, data analysis, and making graphs/charts, along with other tasks that are assigned to me

2. I am indifferent about what I do. Some stuff is fun and I do enjoy and other times it can be tedious. However, I feel like this because my company is essentially in healthcare and that is not a field I want to be in. I would rather be in something related to technology and environment.

3. It is a good job overall. The environment is nice to work in and the people are friendly. I did this because an internship will help to advance my career, but mainly it gives me exposure to the world. Its my first office job and job within my field to study. It has helped to me learn more about what I like within my major and what I don't. It has helped me to realize things about my future that I only would've realized if I started working.

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Misty’s Answer

Hi Javeion,

1st there a ton of jobs in construction...just depends on what you are interested in. I would ask you to think about the environment that the construction job is in.

1. Road construction - going to be out in the elements all day. I get cold easily so working out in the cold weather all day wouldn't work for me...something indoors like a project planner/management would be better. My skills are in project planning/mgmt and I'm extremely good at it - comes with experience and it takes time to've got to know how to plan ahead and keep up with moving parts in a project. And be able to handle yourself when folks get learning how to read people and how to successfully deal with a plethora of different personalities will be a key to being a successful project planner. I did like my job when I was working with stair installation/builds for million-dollar homes in Houston, job was different every day. I was on the road a lot and inside unfinished homes, but I wasn't out in the hot sun to oversee the job the guys were doing.

2. Maybe you want to make more money.....get specialized in one of the construction machinery. Like crane operation, welding, dump truck driving.....all fun jobs that make really good money....but you'll need to take extra training at a trade worth it.

3. Maybe you want to travel...there are companies that work all over the world. You can experience other cultures and travel a bit. See the world!! There are construction jobs on oil riggs - if you like the ocean this would be an exciting adventure.

I got into the construction job because I needed a job since the NASA program in Houston was shut down and 10K lost their job, I didn't get upset, I looked a what I was good at and my project management skills got me the construction job. Sometimes you find a job you are not looking for that was aligned with what you thought you wanted...and it can be just as rewarding.