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Would you be able to act out any script given to you?

im curious about how acting goes,and your ability as an actor #acting

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1 answer

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Angela Theresa’s Answer

Good actors, male or female, usually can read any written script with some degree of expression.

Nevertheless, there are many script writers out there -- great to awful. As Actors we are not miracle workers, and there are techniques involved.

Cold readings are when we are handed a script, with little or no time to delve into the character or story of the script. Not all actors are great at "cold readings".

Most actors prefer a day or more--even if it's just a couple hours--to understand what the character is doing and why. And the storyline. Remember, we are portraying someone's life in some way.

If the script is bad -- with no real story -- it can be impossible to "act" what doesn't make sense.

As an Actor for over 40-years, I have been handed scripts by people who have no understanding of English or writing...and figuring out what it means is impossible.

Thus, no, we cannot act out any script given to us. Also, if you give a script and ask me to portray a 20-year-old man with an older girlfriend ... I may be able to read it with some expression; even act the part. Yet, no one will think I am male, young, nor do I fully understand the experience of being a male of any age.

I can certainly take a guess, and may even be intuitive enough -- depending on the writer and writing -- to do it "acting". I just will not pass as male without head to toe costuming and a lot of covering my female shape!

Many of us have portrayed characters completely opposite of ourselves. And even well--from aliens, opposite-sex, different ages or eras or from other countries; the audience would be the judge of how well.

Still, it varies based on skill (of the actor), the writing (and writers skill), time to prepare, etc.