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How long did it take to build up your business?

I would love to make music one day! #music-production

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Hi, Lyndsey... Not trying to coy but it's taken me my entire life and career to "build my business" and if I'm being completely honest, it's a constant work-in-progress! I'm not sure if that answers the question you were after, but every great business person I know sets goals for themselves... and analyzes whether they were successful or failed, what went right or wrong, and then adapts their approach to improve their performance the next time around. You seem to have passion around music. My questions for you is how much time have you spent with people in the industry? Do you know what their typical and non-typical days are like? What pressures, challenges and stresses are they under to be successful? If you're truly interested in pursuing a career in this field, I would suggest finding someone already in it and seeing if they will take you under their wing or offer you an opportunity to be their Personal Assistant. Good Luck!
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