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What is it like being a Teacher in the advanced automotive field?

I'm a student at job corps and I was wondering a few things about teaching automotive,
What are the work schedule like ?
What are tools that I should be familiar with?
What are the job outlooks going to be like in the next few years.
What type of education did you take to get where you are?
How do I apply for this career?
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Hey Thomas, these are all great questions! I would suggest posting each question separately so that professionals go into detail about each of these Gurpreet Lally, Admin
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1 answer

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Sylvester’s Answer

Wow this is a real cool question, I'm excited to answer this question because there are a couple of things that we ahve in common, I am also an alum of the Atlanta Job Corp program. No I have to admit I didn't teach automotive I taught 4th grade for 2 years and a corporate trainer for 7.

Teaching automotive, seems it would be really cool as I am a motorhead, I love cars. I did obtain my ASE certification.
What are the work schedule like ? General teaching 4th grade my schedule was normal day started about 7:30a ended about 4 in the building and some nights working on things for the next day.
I wished I had more to offer in the way automotive teaching.

Good luck on your journey.