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What is the degree needed to be a doctor?

i want to be able and work towards it #doctor

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Hello Angelica,

Doctor is a broad term referring to both fields in medicine and academic areas. You can be a Medical Doctor (MD) , Osteopath (OD) Pharmacist, (Pharm. D) Chiropractor (DC), Psychologist (PHd or PsyD.) or Professor (PHd or Edd) All of these careers will first need a bachelor's degree (fours years after High School) usually in biology or chemistry for PreMed Options. From the Bachelor's you apply and go to Medical School (four years after college), Internship (one year) then Residency in your specialty area which can take 2-7 years. You will need a strong background in Math, Sciences and Social Sciences. I would suggest you start volunteering at a local hospital or nursing home.

Good Luck!


Last updated Feb 22 '17 at 16:35

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