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What steps do I need to be an actor?


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2 answers

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flora’s Answer

Basically when you are trying to be an actor you need to believe in yourself and be goal oriented . Believing in yourself is the first step.
Here are some of the steps you can take;
1. Take acting classes and do it with passion.
2.Earn yourself a degree in acting. But acting is more of a talent when you study it you just benefiting the formal training which is very good.
3. Participate in dramas and also auditions to develop your acting skills.
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Stephanie’s Answer

Hi Voc!

I’m a professional working actress. In order to become an actor here are the proper steps to take:

1. Sign up for acting classes. No matter where you are in your journey, classes and learning never stop. I still take classes consistently. Sign up for on camera auditioning, scene study/script analysis, improv, commercial and cold reading. These are key skills that an actor needs.

2. Sign up for Actors Access and Casting Networks. These are membership sites that you must pay for. While on those sites you can audition for short films, student films, local theatre etc. you’ll audition for no pay projects to gain experience and build footage for your reel.

3. Get headshots. They’re you’re calling card in the industry. Start off with an inexpensive photographer, research the ones in your area.

4. Once you have headshots, book non paying projects to add to your reel and are in class for at least 1-2 years, then you can try to get an agent. An agent will make sure that your materials (headshots, demo reel and resume) are up to industry standard. A commercial agent is easier to get as they only need solid commercial headshots and a resume. So taking commercial classes is key as well. You can get an agent by cold emailing, attending workshops and following up with them, submitting via their website or through a referral from another actor.

5. Get comfortable with auditioning from home. Make sure you have a blank wall in your home that you can self tape from. You’ll need to buy a ringlight and a tripod to make sure your phone is held steady and that you’re well lit. 99% of auditions these days are remote, so you’ll need to have your home studio set up. When submitting an audition following the casting directors submission instructions are very important, otherwise your audition will get disqualified. You can learn more about this in classes and workshops.

You don’t need a degree to become an actor (I don’t have an acting degree), you can pursue it if you want to. The key is proper training which you can obtain through weekly classes. Maintaining your confidence will be hard as you’ll get rejected 99% of the time, but as long as you realize you’re not being rejected for you, you’re just not right for the part then you’ll be golden. What’s for you will never miss you. You’ll book various projects and you’ll lose 10x more but acting is a balance and working on your inner self is key as well.

Hope this helps!