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What are military welding options?

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Thank you comment icon I think welding is heavy job. In college, they also teach the welding classes which are Construction Industry & Manufacturing. it is an associate degree or certificate. You need to study there before i can enter to military welding. Military also have welding job opportunity. Thank THANH Phan

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2 answers

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Kimberly’s Answer

Hi there!
There are so many opportunities in the military that will fit all variety of expertise's and skills. I am an aviation structural mechanic (AM). I have had a lot of training and experience with fiber glass repairs and metal fabrication. Which directly contributes to the integrity and safety of the aircraft. It requires a lot of attention to detail and the end product is always rewarding!
In addition, there is another rate (navy job/ MOS) called a Hull Maintenance Technician (HT). Who can work on ships and submarines to do all the metal work needed to keep the structures and surfaces in good condition. Those in this rate very much enjoy being able to continue their skills and hobby as a naval career.

I hope this was helpful

Kimberly recommends the following next steps:

Do more research
Talk to a local recruiter
Keep in mind the benefits of joining the military
Thank you comment icon Thank you! Savannah
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Ulises’s Answer

Hi Savannah,

As mentioned by Kimberly the avionics
as well as the naval side have some great welding opportunities. It would depend on your interest really. You also have steel workers in the Construction Battalions (Seabees) which would have you doing more of the construction side of welding.

I started my career as a Navy Seabee as a Builder at the age 17 and it's a great community. I only did one enlistment as I later enlisted in the Marine Corps but I loved my time as a Seabee!
Thank you comment icon Thank you for sharing your perspective. Savannah