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How do you become a medical transcriber?

I am certified Medical Assistant. I am from Bangladesh (South Asia). I have been working in an international organization for more than 4 years. Now, i would like to increase my income. Because my current salary is not sufficient for me. So, I decided that I will be working as a medical transcriptionist remotely. I am fluent in English speaking, I know Basic terms of medical terminology and My typing speed is 60 words per minute. I wanna know, is it possible for me to become a medical transcriptionist. My target is to get a job by 5$ per hour. I can work 4-6 hours per day as I am finding a part time job. Please let me know details.

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2 answers

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Waleed’s Answer

Hello, Mithun D.

1-Consider following these steps to become a medical transcriber:
2-Obtain a high school diploma or GED.
3-Determine your typing speed.
4-Earn a medical transcription certificate.
5-Learn medical terminology.
6-Obtain RHDS certification.
7-Gain experience.
8-Obtain CHDS certification.
9-Update your resume.

Good luck!!
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Liz’s Answer

Hello there

I am proud to hear that you are looking into advancing your career!

1.) Enroll into a medical terminology course-get certificate OR

2.) Enroll into an online medical Transcription Certificate Course
Penn and Foster has a good program.

Best of Luck, and also Medical Transcriptionist can make up to 18$ an hour

Liz A.