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Anything you wish you knew before perusing med school?

Just want to make sure I understand what I'm getting myself into :)

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2 answers

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Dheeraj’s Answer

Medical career is a lifelong commitment and years of focused learning to acquire expertise. There is no shortcut to be an excellent clinician.
I would suggest you shadow a practicing physician not only to learn about the daily routine but also to find out the financial aspect of medicine.
I had the glamorous view of medicine of it being a profession with unrestricted patient care. In the current insurance environment and cost cutting practiced by the payers it is sometimes hard to justify investing quarter of your life in studying and giving best years of your life to it.
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Liz’s Answer

Hello Ms. Anita

Being in HEALTHCARE for 25 years, I would suggest considering the following

1.) Do you want a family
2.) Do you have a great support system

Being a female, and if wanting to have children in the future this is a huge factor when becoming a MD.
It is doable, although it is strenuous and the hours can be overwhelming.

For me, this was the biggest factor of considering MD vs RN.

I took the RN route.

Liz A.
Thank you comment icon I see, thank you so much! :) Anita