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Hello, I have three questions.

1. Are there opportunities for advancement in the company?

2. What are the main skills you need for success in this career field?

3. Typically how many patients do you see on a daily basis?

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2 answers

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Rube’s Answer

I'm not sure to what company you are referring to, so ill be vague, but this should still apply.

There are always opportunities to advance in a company. They will not just be handed out to you. You have to stand out and work hard for them; in return, the reward will be advancement. Most advancements take time, so be patient and aware of what's going on in your workplace so that you are not overlooked.

The healthcare field requires a lot of skills because you are dealing with a lot. This could be a life and death situation, so not only should you know your specific field properly, you should know how to conduct yourself accordingly. The healthcare field may be very stressful because of the amount of school and learning that one goes through in school and in the field. A quick good search listed five different important skills that did not have anything with what you know but how you compose yourself. Two examples of this are time management and communication skills.

According to the Washington Post, the average doctors see 19 patients daily. Yes, that may vary during busy and slow days. Doctors are known to work long hours as well to keep that in mind.
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Garrett’s Answer

As a physician, there are opportunities to advance your career. You can own your own practice, become a partner in private practice, be an academic physician teaching medical students and residents and you have opportunities to be a medical director or chief medical officer in either the hospital, a clinic or med spa, or a private company.

Skills you need: determination, delayed gratification, hard-working, studious, communication skills, empathy, leadership, patience, technically gifted (surgery skills), deal well with pressure.

In practice, I would typically see 30 patients in the am and 25-30 in the afternoon. On OR days I would do 3-4 cases in the hospital or if in the surgery center between 15-25.
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