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Study Tips?

Asked Terre Haute, Indiana

I want to learn some tips and tricks on the best ways to study. Leave any feedback below! #studying-tips

2 answers

Matthew’s Answer

Hi Marina! Great question! My big two takeaways from my study experiences are organization and being actively involved in what I'm studying. Organization: Find whatever organization style fits you best. Try out different styles before you settle on one. I personally like taking my notes in an outline format instead of regular bullet points. I then go back to my notes after class and fill in whatever I may have missed. I also respond to the notes I have taken. This leads me to my second takeaway... Actively study: What I mean by this is responding to your notes and material. Ask questions, draw comparisons, differences, and conclusions. I think actually writing these out is more beneficial than just thinking about them. I also found explaining what you are studying to someone else, even if they already know the material, to be helpful. Help each other fill in the gaps. And finally, don't procrastinate. Work with your material frequently and work with it early. Don't save everything until the last minute, it will only add stress and minimize material retention. I hope this helps!

Aman’s Answer

Updated Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

-Make a schedule, follow it.

-Do not get depressed or think about the result.

-Be Disciplined

-Work hard

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