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How do you become a dental hygienist?

Asked Howell, New Jersey

I am a senior in high school, I am interested in becoming a dental hygienist. Am i required to go to a community college for 2 years and then start a dental hygiene program? Or right from college i go to a dental hygiene program? #medicine #dental-hygienist

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Cheryl’s Answer

Each state dental hygiene programs have different requirements. You will need to check each program to make sure what they are specifically. They don't make it easy! You will find associate programs and BS programs. What is the difference? Well, it just depends what you intend to do with the degree. If you just want to be a practitioner then AS should suffice. If you wish to do sales, teach etc then I would suggest for you to do the BS program. Another option is for you to get a BS, making sure you have your pre-requisites, then apply to a DH program. It is a very competitive field so, don't be to stressed if you cannot get into the program the first time around. Do the best you can in your science core requirements. Wishing you the best Cheryl Lim RDH. BSDH Part -Time adjunct clinical instructor/Private practice dental hygienist
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