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career options in dentistry

I Want to be a successful doctor in this field so want to know which fields in dentistry are most workable onesand how I can improve my practise...I do want) to know the options of other BDS of what options they Chose after their course #bds #mds

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1 answer

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Daniela’s Answer

Hi Sarah,

A degree in dentistry offers a number of career options, including:

-Academic Dentistry

-Dentistry Private Practice either as a General Dentist or Specialist (Self-Employed, Employee,

-Dental Research

-Dental Public Policy

-International Health Care

-Federal Government (Military Dentist)

Approximately 80% of all dentists practice General Dentistry. General dentists treat all patients, adults and children, in many different treatment facilities and settings. General dentists are graduates of dental school and hold a D.D.S. or D.M.D. degree. The D.M.D. and the D.D.S. are equivalent degrees that are awarded to dental students upon completion of the same types of programs. While many dental school graduates opt to enter general practice immediately upon graduation, in other cases, they may opt for one or two years of additional education in a General Practice Residency or Advanced Education in General Dentistry program.

Working Conditions:

Approximately 90% of all dentists are engaged in delivery of care through private practices. Fulltime dentists spend approximately 36 hours per week in their practices, of which 33 hours/week is spent treating patients. They have great flexibility in determining the number of hours per week they choose to work.

The remaining 10% of dentists teach in dental education programs, conduct research, and/or deliver care in the Armed Forces, the Indian Health Service, the U.S. Public Health Service, or other clinical settings. Dentists engaged in teaching, research or related positions generally work regular 40-hour workweeks.



Thank you comment icon Poster may be from the UK if they are looking at BDS programs. Steven Bornfeld