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Within the career field of nursing how difficult is it to advance? how long does it usually take to advance in this career field?

I would like to know this because it would pertain to the payment, and responsibility.

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1 answer

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Alyx’s Answer

Hi Lucas,

There are many ways that you can advance in nursing. Some require additional education that would depend on when you get your masters degree or a Nurse Practitioner status (this will increase payment and salary). Nursing is a "hot" field to go into right now, as in the next 10 years, the field is expected to increase by 24% (especially as baby boomers enter into retirement).

Here is some information on salary regarding nursing (from

An individual employee's position within this salary range is affected by the following factors:
the business size, type, and location
the employee's education and experience

Nationally, a nurse just entering the field will make an average of

Entry Massachusetts: $53,370 or $25.66/hr Nationally: $45,040 $21.65
Median Massachusetts: $79,520 or $38.23/hr Nationally: $65,470 $31.48
Experienced Massachusetts: $124,860 or $60.03/hr Nationally: $94,720 $45.54

Most employers offer standard fringe benefits such as paid vacation and sick leave, health insurance, and retirement plans.