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Kristen’s Avatar
Kristen Dec 15, 2014 1105 views

What classes in college must you take to become an elementary school teacher, and are internships necessary?

Hello, I am a junior in high school looking for possible careers for the future. I enjoy working with kids and being a leader so I thought teaching would be a good choice for me. I just have some questions to make sure I am following the correct path! #teaching #education #children #k-12-education

Tyler’s Avatar
Tyler Dec 15, 2014 1034 views

How would I go about becoming a successful psychologist as a future career?

I am currently a senior and I'm interested on going to college to major in sociology since I'm taking a sociology class currently this semester. However, the more research I do, the more interesting i find a psychology profession to be as a future career. I really enjoy learning why people...

Slater’s Avatar
Slater Dec 16, 2014 1180 views

What classes or prior education will help me have the best chance of being hired as a line worker?

I am a senior in high school and I am looking to be a line worker for a power company. I am wondering what post high school education will help me the most and will give me the highest chance of being hired. #electrical #utilities #power-plants

Karen’s Avatar
Karen Dec 16, 2014 6060 views

What are the main colleges in California with the best Pediatric nurse majors/programs?

I am applying to colleges and I wanted to know which ones in California are the best ones in majoring in Nursing, specifically pediatric nurse. What should I major/minor in? As you can see I don't know very much about this. Please and thank you. #nursing #colleges #future

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Tasha Dec 17, 2014 1109 views

After high-school, what is the first step that should be taken to become an EMT?

I'm really interested in becoming an EMT after high-school but I'm not sure how to pursue that and where the best place to go to start out would be. #medicine #emergency #emt

Lucas’s Avatar
Lucas Dec 17, 2014 823 views

Within the career field of nursing how difficult is it to advance? how long does it usually take to advance in this career field?

I would like to know this because it would pertain to the payment, and responsibility.

Jade’s Avatar
Jade Dec 18, 2014 1503 views

What are personal stories of success or struggles that you have gone through while teaching?

I am a senior in high school and I am genuinely interested in becoming a Kindergarten teacher. I am asking this question to individual people who are or have been teachers. I am just wondering if there are any stories that you could share about a moment when you felt successful, or felt like...

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Maeve Dec 27, 2014 1266 views

Seriously Considering University of Southern California

Hi, I am a junior in high school and I have been looking at different colleges this past year. I found USC because I want to study Communications and Public Relations and USC is one of the suggestions if I want a degree in Communications. I have been researching the school and I really like it...

Declan’s Avatar
Declan Dec 22, 2014 1622 views

What degrees are best to earn for an aspiring master carpenter?

I am a junior at Boston Collegiate Charter and enjoy manual labor and working with my hands. #carpentry #trade

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Carol Dec 30, 2014 1543 views

How do I decide which career is best for me?

I am currently in 11th grade. I'm planning on going to college and I'm willing to get a PhD if it will have an impact on my career choice. My problem is that I have a variety of interests and I'm having a tough time deciding which path to take. I want to do something that will require me to be...

Emmanuella Ringnyu’s Avatar
Emmanuella Ringnyu Nov 17, 2014 1056 views

what are the educational and personal requirements in becoming an actress?

i'm sixteen,and in high school,i'm basically confused on a career to look forward to but i keep admiring various careers most likely acting.I was in the Drama club at my primary school in Cameroon,and now at high school i took Drama for an option.Will it help in anyway and what do i have to do...

Katie’s Avatar
Katie Nov 14, 2014 3277 views

what is it like being on broadway? any advice?

do you guys have any advice on becoming a Broadway performer? or can you tell me what its like? i'm 14 and have a passion for acting i have been acting sense i was little and i dream of someday being on Broadway. i'm trying to get straight A's so i can get a scholarship to Julliard the...

MiKayla’s Avatar
MiKayla Apr 09, 2014 893 views

When applying to college is it better to apply straight into the nursing program?

I am a junior in high school and I would like to be a nurse and start of the college career in the right way. #college #nurse

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Jazmyne Apr 09, 2014 1221 views

Is it easy getting a job as a high school guidance counselor right out off college ?

Hey I am a junior in 11th grade and I am very interested in being a high school guidance counselor and I wanted to know what the competitiveness of getting a job right out of college. #college #jobs #high-school #counselor #advice

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Andrea Apr 22, 2014 1425 views

I have always been interested in being a veterinarian or a teacher. Are there any jobs that incorporate both of these themes?

I am a senior in High School who is planning to follow a pre-vet track in college. #teaching #teacher #veterinarian #veterinary