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isabel B. Jul 09, 2018 541 views

Will being an Emergency Medical Technician scar me for life?

I am currently enrolled in an EMT certification course offered at my school, and, though I am very very excited about it, I am also quite terrified at the possible situations I might encounter on a call. Do EMTs frequently feel burned out and emotionally drained? Also, is it possible for an EMT...

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Layla B. May 28, 2015 7997 views

How long after orientation will I start work?

I went to orientation on May 22nd for the local amusement park. It wasn't a one on one training. We went over the rules for 2 hours and then tried on our uniforms. After I showed my HR person that my uniform fit she said I could go home. It is now May 28th and she hasn't called. I still have my...

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Tasha C. Dec 17, 2014 809 views

After high-school, what is the first step that should be taken to become an EMT?

I'm really interested in becoming an EMT after high-school but I'm not sure how to pursue that and where the best place to go to start out would be. #medicine #emergency...


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R W. Oct 05, 2014 1962 views

Economics or Chemistry

I'm really confused right now. My current subjects are: Economics, Physics, Chemistry and Maths The career path i am interested in are Architecture and Finance. To get into a good architecture school. I was thinking of dropping either chemistry or economics for art and design (for AS) I don't...

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Annemarie C. Aug 12, 2013 1290 views

What are some of the ups and downs of being a emergency nurse?

I am a sophomore who is interested in learning about all the different jobs in the medical field. Is being an emergency nurse fun or difficult? What is a typical day like? What is a bad part? #medicine #nurse #healthcare...


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TashinaCodman1 . Jan 25, 2012 1546 views

What is it like to be in the emergency room helping people with injury?

i want to know how does it feel like to help people with high injury . #doctor #nurse...