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Career Questions tagged Respectful

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Shaniah Sep 04, 2020 407 views

What can help me find the career I want ?

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Lilia Dec 16, 2014 1171 views

How do you confront a boss when he isn't treating you with respect?

I Intern at Silicon Valley Space Center- with no rewards. I don't get paid, I don't receive any kind of educational support or guidance, but I am constantly thrown in to situations where I have zero idea of how to accomplish a task-let even know really what the task is. I work very hard and...

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Tyler Dec 15, 2014 971 views

How would I go about becoming a successful psychologist as a future career?

I am currently a senior and I'm interested on going to college to major in sociology since I'm taking a sociology class currently this semester. However, the more research I do, the more interesting i find a psychology profession to be as a future career. I really enjoy learning why people...