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How will my gender affect the opportunities presented to me within technical theatre?

The world of technical theatre, especially in the realm of lighting design, is primarily dominated by men. However, as a young girl aspiring to work as a lighting designer, I am highly motivated to pursue this career. I want to know why the field is so dominated by men as well as how my stance as a woman will affect my path to success.

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2 answers

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Amelia’s Answer

I am also a aspiring female lighting designer too! Yes there may be more men than women in this field, but its all about how well of a designer you are and how well you do your job.

Frankly most of the male lighting designer that I have worked with were complete morons. But every female designer I have worked with was on her game.

Don't let gender be in the way of what you want to do, the theatre world is becoming more and more gender equal. No one cares what you are, they just want to know can you make beautiful art.

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Candace’s Answer

Katie! Thanks for asking an important question like this. Whether we want it to or not, gender affects everything in one way or another, and yes being a woman in a male dominated field can be very intimidating and a lot of people decide not to follow through because of this. This is why I find it so important that if you feel strongly about something, and you're passionate about it, follow through! Sometimes this issue makes it harder but sometimes it helps you stand out. I've met several female lighting designers that are absolute GENIUSES, and it's so inspiring to see girls taking charge in this field. I guess my overall advice to you is to do what you love no matter what, and you might end up being a great influence for other aspiring young women!