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How can you get better at public speaking?

Asked Tulsa, Oklahoma

Im not very good at public speaking and I would like to get better. #publicspeaking

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Douglas’s Answer

Updated Mansfield, Texas
Neil, The best way to get better at public speaking is to simply do it. I highly recommend Toastmasters. You can probably find one close to you that meets convenient to a time for you. You'll learn how to construct and give speeches in front of a group of people who want you to be successful in speech-giving. the books guide you though how to and the other members encourage and help you through constructive, helpful critiques. Not only that, you can also learn some leadership skills. Plus, Toastmasters is international and most employers know what it is (or think they do). It looks good on a resume! And never, ever sell yourself short. I bet you're better at public speaking than you think you are. How can I say that? You've asked the question about improving it...so, you know you can be better. Don't ever let speaking to a group intimidate you. When you give a speech, 99% of the audience wants you to do well...they are routing for you. The 1% doesn't matter...GO FOR IT!