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How do you notify FASFA of a change in your income?

Updated Hugo, Oklahoma

If it changes in the middle of the year, how do I tell them that the taxes two years ago no longer reflect my current state?
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2 answers

Kimberly’s Answer

Updated Fort Worth, Texas

Good question. You should always complete the FAFSA using the tax year stated on the FAFSA application . However, sometimes that doesnt reflect your current situation and your ability to contribute to the cost of your education so financial aid advisors have the ability to make a professional judgment. Contact your financial aid advisor and explain your current situation and they can decide if a professional judgment is necessary and provide you with any additional documents you might need.

This professional recommends the following next steps:

Sherri’s Answer


Hi, that is an excellent question-if you have special circumstances that would allow for an adjustment to reflect your most current situation, you would need to meet with your financial aid office at the college you are attending. There is a process called professional judgment which you may qualify for. There are some steps depending on the reason for a decline in income.

This professional recommends the following next steps:

  • Depending on the circumstances for the change in income-gather as many documents that would substantiate your request. (Laid off-notice from unemployment office to validate) divorce or separation from spouse (court documents)-these are just some examples.
  • Contact the financial aid office to discuss the change and what they may require.
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