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School choice based on part-time work opportunity.

I have been working as a teller for a credit union since I was 16. I am now a high school senior and my employer will allow me to work part-time while I attend school full-time in the IT Dept. Would it be irresponsible to attend college out of town and miss out on the opportunity to gain IT experience while pursuing a degree in computer science? #work-while-attending-school-full-time #college

The cu only has branches in my hometown. Plus, IT Dept. is only at headquarters where I currently work. J'Kory J.

if i was in your position i would continue the IT work momentarily maybe a year or so and then explore college options the reason being is that a degree opens doors but does not guarantee a job in your field unless you have experience. in my opinion experience out weighs education. Also pursuing online education will allow you to stay local to your current job and you will still be going to school in pursuit of your CS degree. jose M.

Exactly what the parentals say. Thank you. J'Kory J.

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Kristin’s Answer

Is there another branch closer to school that you would be able to work at?