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How do you secure scholorships as a single non working mom?

Starting a new life at 40something I would like to focus on the degree I'm pursuing and be successful in the career path that I chose, Health Information Management. I've been seeking scholarship opportunities to help with living expenses since most jobs I've interviewed for can't work with my class schedule. Are there any recommendations?
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2 answers

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Allison’s Answer

Hi there! 

Beyond just googling for "single parent scholarships" and the like, there are a couple of really good places to check. 

First, go to your local library and find someone who works there (not a high school student, but someone who works there as a career... an actual librarian).  Ask that person to help you locate those resources.  They LOVE (in my experience anyway) getting these kinds of questions.  This is a good place to start. 

Second, make an appointment with an academic advisor or counselor/recruiter at your prospective school.  If you don't know where to begin, call their generic phone number and ask for the office of financial aid. They often have resources you can borrow as well as some great advice.

Third, think about all your social circles and networks.  Include what your family members belong to.  Is there military? rotary club? etc? This is important because often these folks will provide scholarships.  Sometimes they are smaller and they are based on a request.  For example, I had asked the rotary club to provide me with $2500 so I could complete a special class in Washington DC.  The $2500 would cover my airfare and room and board.  They granted me the money and asked me to present what I learned when I came back. 

The bottom line is that there are lots of options out there. Just start asking and looking!  And really - think creatively about everything you might be connected to!

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Krystal’s Answer

Hello. It's great that you are looking to further your education. And being a non working mom, this is the best tie to get it done. I have found that pell grants have worked in the past. You can also refer to Scholarships for Moms: http://scholarships4moms.net/. I hope this helps. Good luck.