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Rachael E. Jan 23, 2020 361 views
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Aimee M. Nov 22, 2019 193 views

Is it possible to balance a full time job, full school course load, being a single mom, and maintaining a socail life?

I am naturally a very ambitious person and plan on taking a full course load, continue working my full-time job, and parenting my daughter as a single parent. Is this massively ambitious, or do-able to some degree? I currently work with the IDD community and am looking to become a behavior...

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Laura W. May 23, 2018 292 views

Which companies are the best to work for as a Pharmacist?

I am currently a pharmacy tech and I am going back to school to become a pharmacist. I am also a single mother so flexibility in schedule is important to me? Which companies offer the best benefits and salary with flexibility in schedule? #pharmacy #pharmacists #benefits #flexibility...


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Sophia S. Jan 13, 2018 393 views

Will I be making enough to support my family as a Registered Nurse?

I am trying to get out of an unhealthy relationship. Will I make enough as a Registered Nurse working in a hospital to support four children? #singlemom #nursing #registered-nurses #healthcare #hospital-and-health-care...


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Sophia S. Jan 13, 2018 268 views

Will I be looked over as a potential employee being a single mom of four?

Will it be hard for me to find a job as a registered nurse being that I am a single mom of four? #singlemom #nursing #registered-nursing #healthcare...


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Heather S. Jan 18, 2018 235 views

How do you secure scholorships as a single non working mom?

Starting a new life at 40something I would like to focus on the degree I'm pursuing and be successful in the career path that I chose, Health Information Management. I've been seeking scholarship opportunities to help with living expenses since most jobs I've interviewed for can't work with my...

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Rayonna S. Jan 18, 2018 318 views

Any advice on how to successfully complete college being a single mom?

I recently just found out that I'm expecting, and I'm only 18 years old. Right now I'm in my second semester of college, but my baby is due in September which will be the first semester of my sophomore year. I want to be a Veterinarian which means I have a long way to go until I'm completely...

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