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Will I be making enough to support my family as a Registered Nurse?

I am trying to get out of an unhealthy relationship. Will I make enough as a Registered Nurse working in a hospital to support four children? #singlemom #nursing #registered-nurses #healthcare #hospital-and-health-care #salary

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3 answers

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Cecily’s Answer

Hmmm. This really depends. But first of all I want to congratulate you for realizing your situation and taking steps to get out of it. It will depend on the cost of living where you are, and any childcare needs that you may have. As a nurse, you can make a modest income, but with increasing experience and certification you can make more.

In the end, I would say yes, at the very least being a nurse will be one of the more stable, guaranteed forms of income a single mom could earn. Good luck!!

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Tanya’s Answer

Yes, as long as you budget, and don't over extend yourself. I supported a family of 5 as a registered nurse for some time. Sometimes we have to make sacrifices, and work shifts that are less desirable in order to make shift premium, but it can be done. Good luck!

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John’s Answer

Since you are in California you will be unionized. So yes you should be able to. However it also depends on how much debt you have when you graduate and how much you spend when you graduate. I focused on paying off my debt the first year after I graduated and worked as much OT as possible to pay all that off as quickly as possible. You can earn less but have more in your pocket where there is a lower cost of living.

John recommends the following next steps:

Finish school
Pay off all debt as soon as possible
Do not buy anything until all you debt is payed even if it is not related to school
Consider being a nurse in the military. If you have a BSN you will go in as an officer. Years ago the Navy had the best recruiting package. They will also help you further your education to become a CRNA or any other advanced degree.