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Another job?

I'm currently a substitute teacher during my master's program, I like the job in that I can do my homework for class while my students are doing homework. Unfortunately, it can get a little boring and I'm now wishing to find another job with more responsibilities. I'm worried about leaving this job for another job in which I will have no time to do my homework. Any recommendations? #sublookingforanotherjob #job #homeworkonthejob

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Rita’s Answer

Many individuals find themselves in the same position. Here are my thoughts. Instead of obtaining another job, I advise that you opt for a self-discovery option instead. Write down things you enjoy doing and the activities you don't like. Before considering pursuing another position, it might be beneficial to test out your other options. You can do this by volunteering. This way you will discover if you enjoy the new line of work while supporting a nonprofit at the same time.