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Barret B. Jan 23, 2018 353 views

Working a job can be stressful, what do you think are important aspects of self-care.

I believe I can speak for a lot of people in that people my age believe that there will be no jobs in the market by the time we graduate. It's probable that recent graduates may have to work in a job outside of the field they studied in while they look for a job in the field they want. What do...

#selfcare #mentalhealth #burnout

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Barret B. Jan 22, 2018 229 views

Another job?

I'm currently a substitute teacher during my master's program, I like the job in that I can do my homework for class while my students are doing homework. Unfortunately, it can get a little boring and I'm now wishing to find another job with more responsibilities. I'm worried about leaving this...

#sublookingforanotherjob #job #homeworkonthejob

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Barret B. Jan 22, 2018 517 views

Wondering whether or not to get certified.

I'm currently getting a master's in counseling. During my time getting my master's, health has become more important to me and has allowed me to lose a good deal of weight. I still wish to participate in my master's program, but I would also like to get certified in nutrition. I want to be able...

#masters #counseling #niche #nutrition