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Can I become a doctor in another country with an american M.D.?

If I were to earn a degree from a medical school in the United States, how complicated would it be to work as a doctor in a country such as Germany?

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2 answers

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Rohit’s Answer

Hi Sebastian,

A degree from an American medical school should enable you to work as a doctor in another country. However you would need to apply for a license to practice medicine in that country/province/town. Some countries might have a certification exam or something similar.

Some countries might have specific immigration programs for doctors/nurses to their country as this is a specialized skill set. There is the possibility of you being posted for a specific period in a town/province that the host nation wants you to be in and you might not have a choice in this.

So overall, one has to do an extensive research on this before setting out.


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Sanaz’s Answer

Once you are a licensed MD you have the ability to work internationally however the requirements vary by country. I would look into which specific countries you are considering and explore their guidelines.