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Would it be rude to tell my teacher to stop smoking, if not, how can I put it as gently as possible?

She is an amazing teacher who knows a great deal. She has control of the class and makes learning effective but her breath and classroom smells of cigarettes and coffee. For her well being I want her to stop smoking and in turn help me and my classmates learn better without worrying about second hand smoking. Just to clarify, she doesn't smoke in class, she takes breaks to smoke and the stench attaches itself to her and dissipates in the room. It bothers my classmates and I, taking away from our learning in our STEM class. Is it wrong to ask this of her, or am I doing the right thing? #morality #education #education-management #student #school-counseling #counselor

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5 answers

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Jonathan’s Answer

Hi David-
I ran into a similar issue when I started working professionally. I had a Supervisor who would take smoke breaks and work with me a couple of hours a day for training. I went to my HR person and asked for suggestions on how to best handle since it can easily be taken the wrong way. You're telling someone they smell which can be seen as rude and which was my biggest fear. I needed this person to train me so I would be successful at my job but the smell was distracting and at times, nauseating. The HR person suggested I bring this up in a private setting with my Supervisor so not to embarrass her or possibly write a note anonymously. I went for the former as it felt more appropriate and respectful.
We stepped in a conference room and I explained how difficult it was to broach the subject, how much I appreciated the training and that I didn't mean to offend... but that the smell of cigarettes is causing difficulty for me and I'm apparently very sensitive to it . I apologized but said that I need to be honest since we have a working relationship and just as I appreciate when she was honest with me about my style, technique, ability, whatever, I felt I owed it to her to be honest. She was embarrassed but appreciated it and understood it was about the work. It got better immediately and there were some lapses but we would schedule work time before she went for a cigarette break and she would chew gum to try and help the smell. When the lapses happened she became more aware on the impact to my training and the work
It is not at all wrong to ask. You and your classmates are interested in learning and deserve the best opportunity. It just needs to be done carefully and honestly. I have a feeling your teacher will appreciate it in the long run.
I hope that helps. Let me know how it goes.
All the best - Jonathan

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Edith’s Answer

No, it wouldn't. You can write a gentle letter to your teacher. First, saying how great she/he is as teacher and mention his/her qualities. Then, just say that smoking sometimes bothers and if it is possible that don't smoke during the study time.

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Beth’s Answer

Yes, and no it's not rude, necessarily, it is concerning or maybe you set of morals on smoking. I don't know if it's best thing or not to say anything. If the person is smoking and prefer them not to do it when your around then you could say something or leave the area.

I think you let them know that you appreciate who they are and how they are as person, yet wondered why they do they smoke? Especially with the problems with smoking can cause health issues for them and others down the road. Maybe you'll get the answer your looking for or not?

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Rakesh’s Answer

You don't need to say it directly. There are other means which will help your teacher quit in a natural manner. One such technique is running. You will not like to smoke after running.

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Danna’s Answer

Its important to know if she/he does it in front of students? in the facility? It depends.