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How do I prepare for medical school?

Asked Baltimore, Maryland

I'm a premed that finished most of prerequisites, and my course load is relatively light now. I was wondering if there's anything specific that I could do now to help me succeed in med school #premed

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Victoria’s Answer

Updated Dallas, Texas

Hi Sarah,

This is such a great question and you are definitely ahead of the curve by tackling your prerequisites first. This is a super time to look at some areas where you can stand out as a candidate on your medical school application. I used to work with doctors and nurses on continuing education programs at a medical school and here are some of the suggestions they gave to medical students who asked this same question. It's important to get some experience before you start medical school and there are so many ways to do this:

Victoria recommends the following next steps:

  • Volunteer at a hospital or clinic. This is a chance to shadow doctors and nurses and gain some experience working with patients in a real world setting. Remember that every job in a hospital or clinic is important. Try out a number of different departments to see if you like working with children, women, veterans, or older patients.
  • Volunteer or find a part time job at a medical or science lab. If you are interested in research this is a great way to find mentors, work on cutting edge technology, and try out a research setting. You will get excellent skills you can use in your lab classes and you may even get published.
  • Work on a technology-based medical based project. Bio-engineering, robotics, telemedicine, and to many other technology based medical applications are being developed every day. Your future as a doctor depends on learning how to use new technologies. National geographic has had some excellent articles on genetics, the future of medicine, and other emerging areas: channel.nationalgeographic.com/origins.../articles/how-medicine-made-us-modern/ and https://emulatebio.com/insight/national-geographic-further/ and https://blog.nationalgeographic.org/tag/medicine/ and channel.nationalgeographic.com/.../this-is-the-future-of-medicine/
  • Talk and write about your experiences in your medical school interviews and essays. You will definitely stand out :) and this show schools that you will make an excellent medical student because you have already started your journey to becoming a doctor!