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how to persue college sports?

Updated Pāhoa, Hawaii

I am a highschool student who would like to play sports in college but because of my location no scouts have visited us. what should I do ? #college-athletics

9 answers

Todd’s Answer


Sophia, First off, all the people above who tell you to take another route? There comments are a joke. You are asking for specific info to help you play a college sport. I assume you already do the AAU rounds.

Do not let anyone tell you to "give up" on a dream. Follow through and have no regrets. It may not work out but do not have any regrets.

I am in the same situation with my own kids. My oldest son should be playing at a high level D2 or small D1 College. The problem was him not putting the work in off of the basketball court. He's a very talented, hard working kid with an all around game. He just was too stressed to do the recruiting on his own. My Daughter is getting D1 offers for volleyball right now. She has done all of her homework on schools and keeps up with the recruiting and because of this she will find a College to play volleyball.

It is very stressful, but I know that coaches are looking for players who really "want it." A way to prove to any coach that you really want to play for them is to constantly keep calling, texting emailing and writing letters to make them listen. Do this with as many schools as possible. I personally know kids that are on scholarship in our area that are not half as talented as my son, but they put the time and work into making coaches know who they are.

There is so much more advice to give. I hope this helps a little. I am not sure what situation you are in but if I get more info I may be able to give you more advice.

Good luck to you,

Todd Williams

Todd recommends the following next steps:

  • Give more specific information for the best advice

Hamza’s Answer


Raphaela and Kista gave great advice and I would follow their wise words.

I’m guessing you are a young woman. Title IX affords our female athletes a great opportunity for an equal number of scholarships as our male athletes.

What may help you to narrow your focus, is to create a list of your Top 10 Division I schools you’d like to attend. I would look at Division I schools with football programs and look at all the women sports they offer.

Then identify what sport is your sport and two other sports that you would also enjoy playing.

Basketball may be your primary sport but if the college of your choice has a scholarship for the golf team, go for the golf scholarship.

I live in Seattle, WA near the University of Washington and they offer 11 Women’s Sports. That’s a lot of scholarships. Control what you can control and be open to possibility.

Hamza recommends the following next steps:

  • Identify Top 10 Division I Schools
  • Identify primary sport and two others you can compete in
  • Create personal recruiting profile including GPA, Graduation Year and Desired field of study
  • Scrub all social media pages and ensure they reflect a Division I athlete
  • Email recruiting profile to recruiting coordinators/assistant coaches in your Top 10

Diana’s Answer

Updated New York, New York

So sadly I was not able to play in college due to an injury. But I can help. Look at the colleges that you are applying too and see what sports they hold. If they have the sport you are interested in playing, contact the coach of the team and ask how you can try out or when try outs are held, being that you do not have access to a recruiter. When meeting the coach of the team, have your high school stats readily available in a printed form within the folder to give to the coach. If you have highlight tapes it would be great to transfer those to a USB and have that in the folder as well! Make sure the USB file has your name encrypted, your stats file and a sports profile picture of your self so they know and remember who they are reviewing. In addition stats in a resume form with your high school GPA and any other outstanding achievement should be included within the paper.

Sumire’s Answer


Hello, I agree with others opinions.

I also encourage to talk with a professor or doctor such as in Kinesiology at collage you are interested in as they potentially have a connection with people who recruit an athlete. Being an athlete on campus is not the only way t get sponshopship. If you believe in yourself, put effort on your development, and people notice you, you could potentially get sponsorship even from outside of campus.

I am not in Kinesiology major at collage, but I was hired as a coach and became a competitive athlete memeber in one of the sports clubs on campus as I reached out to professors in Kinesiology department as well as undergrad and grad students.

I hope it helps you and give you a hope to persue your passion for sports.

Sumire recommends the following next steps:

  • make a connection with professors at collage

Kista’s Answer

Updated Temple Hills, Maryland

Start early, Seek out what it is the coaches are looking for. Don't be afraid to call or email coaches. Most schools have a prospective athlete form section on their athletics site. Also, don't be afraid to seek smaller schools, or Junior colleges. Lastly let your current coach aware that you would like to participate at the collegiate level.

When I went to college I sought out the coaches, they didn't have the resources to come scout and were looking for athletes.

Kista recommends the following next steps:

  • Determine your fate, take charge.

Sonia’s Answer


Play on travel teams or AAU teams if they are available in your location. Attend summer camps at the schools you would like to attend. Put together a package consisting of video clips of your top moments and any articles or newspaper clippings and send them to the schools you would like to attend. If scouts are not coming to you, then you must go them and attend camps that will make you visible to them.

Oscar’s Answer


Playing football in high school and only have limited tape and experience, I was offered a try-out with a school I applied to by having my coach right a letter to the head coach. When I arrived on campus I was given an opportunity to walk on. Just like to add having any film sent is good as well, but the letter gives your coach an opportunity to highlight your qualities, winning attitude, abilities, etc. Had I considered this before might have used it to apply for other schools. Well, hope this helps and good luck out there!

Oscar recommends the following next steps:

  • have your coach send any film to potential colleges
  • have coach right a letter of recommendation to colleges

Marcus’s Answer


Create an account with NCSA Sports. There, thousands of college coaches will have access and be notified to view your profile. Just make sure to be active with your profile and upload all that it recommends and more. Link is below


Raphaela’s Answer


Given that I played sports in Germany i never had any coaches visit to see me. That didn’t keep me from pursuing my dream to play NCAA division I though. What I did was compile my playing history listing tournaments and matched, rankings etc. I then had a friend help film me and make a recruiting video. I looked at schools that interested me and just addressed emails to the coaches telling my story and what I was looking for. I had a reference from my current coach and I just kept being persistent until I got offers. Location is really not something that should stop you from pursuing your dream.

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