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How can I make money with Photography?

I love Photography as a hobby. How best can I use it as a career choice? #photosarelife

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2 answers

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Amit’s Answer

Hi Gordon. Great question. Photography is a great hobby, one that can also provide some financial benefits. i have a few friends that are very avid photographers on the side that make a decent amount of spending cash on the side. They started off with posting their best pictures on social media, usually through an account dedicated just for their pictures, and using hashtags to increase exposure to the account. Usually, there next step was to continue to grow their portfolio, which occurred with photo shoots of nature, weddings, etc. After their work received a decent amount of exposure, they would usually ask their friends to spread the word of their services, and also post on forums or websites listing their prices. You may have to initially start with getting paid next to nothing when building your reputation and portfolio.

Amit recommends the following next steps:

If you do not already have one, build a portfolio and post the best pictures on social media websites and blogs.
Have your friends spread the word about your skill set and services of photography.
Maybe post on forums, that you are willing to take photos for the specific events, and eventually, you can start charging for it.

Thanks Amit! Gordon G.

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Alexis K.’s Answer

Hi, Gordon. The best way to use photography as a career choice is in photojournalism. I would check with campuses where you live and see which ones offer photojournalism as a major, or you can use your photography hobby and start a photography business, where you take photos of people in your photography studio. It is good to use your photographs, and develop your own portfolio to show to different employers as well. There is so much you can do with photography, but I would expand my skills into journalism, because you can work for print magazines, digital magazines, newspapers, and even copyright your photos as well, and start a photography book.