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What are some good shoes for teachers?

I have small feet - size 1.5, and my feet hurt after only two hours. What are your favorite shoes that you've tried?
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You should try Crocs they are very comfortable for being on your feet all day Adrianna M.

I suggest trying out a pair of Asics they are super comfortable and help your feet not hurt after standing for a long time. sara P.

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2 answers

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Lissa’s Answer

Hi Sara...

I'm the opposite...I have BIG feet!! As a teacher, you will (should) be on your feet a lot, monitoring your students and making yourself accessible to them. Therefore, you should find a comfortable shoe with a nicely padded sole. The name brand doesn't matter so much, as long as the shoe is flexible, durable, and has a nice think rubber sole for comfort and support. Good luck!!

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Sheryl’s Answer

I like Clarks, Ros Hommerson, Teva, and Oboz. I'm not sure which brands carry size 1.5 (I've never even heard of someone wearing shoes that size).

My best advice is to find a shoe with a cork heel, since you will be standing and walking a lot. They feel like you are walking on a cloud.

Best of luck in your search!!