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Instructional Coach at Dallas ISD
Educational Instruction and Library Occupations
Dallas, Texas
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Alyssa’s Avatar
Alyssa Mar 07, 2019 397 views

What job should I choose if I like children and teaching?

I love being around little kids, and believe me I've looked into being a teacher but the salary is low. I also want to have enough money to support my family. Please respond!! I need feedback!! #teacher #education

Stephanie’s Avatar
Stephanie Aug 08, 2018 819 views

How do I build a resume that shows experience in teaching, but highlights my new career field in health care?

#Transition career
#respiratory care

Diane’s Avatar
Diane Apr 15, 2018 559 views

What is the outlook for education as we are experiencing teacher shortages?

I am a teacher in a poor, uneducated county. I am gravely concerned for our education system, especially as people are leaving the field...not entering it. It is so difficult to certified teachers in our areas that almost all schools in our county have people teaching full time, but they are...

Kylie’s Avatar
Kylie Apr 04, 2018 2271 views

What is the hardest part about being a music teacher, and what is the best part about teaching music?

I'm planning on getting my degree in music education (possibly with a choral specialization) and I'm curious as to what the most difficult and most rewarding parts of teaching music are. What can I expect when I start teaching? Are there any skills I can start working on to help overcome...

Sarah’s Avatar
Sarah Mar 20, 2018 691 views

What are some good shoes for teachers?

I have small feet - size 1.5, and my feet hurt after only two hours. What are your favorite shoes that you've tried?
#teaching #teacher #career

Bridget’s Avatar
Bridget Apr 12, 2018 1024 views

How Did You Figure Out What Your Dream Job Was?

I'm a high school senior who has wanted to be a veterinarian ever since middle school, but after shadowing every veterinarian in my area, I realized that I did not want to be a veterinarian anymore. Since then, I have changed my "career path" numerous times. I thought I wanted to be a wildlife...

Zena’s Avatar
Zena Jan 16, 2018 751 views

If an educated population is very important, why are teachers in the US not respected (and trusted) as much as they are in other countries?

We had to do a project in English about our "Ideal Education System" and this question came to my mind. I also want to be a teacher.
#teacher #respect #education

Jhade’s Avatar
Jhade Apr 03, 2018 536 views

Besides scholarships, what is the best way to pay for college without getting into serious debt?

I'm asking because I want to have an alternative option in case I am unfortunate in earning a scholarship. #scholarships

Devetra’s Avatar
Devetra May 12, 2017 1388 views

Which is better experience without a degree or degree without experience?

When hiring what do employers look for #marketing #international-business

Devetra’s Avatar
Devetra May 12, 2017 1004 views

Is double majoring a great idea?

Want to know if it is a waste of time #university

Devetra’s Avatar
Devetra May 12, 2017 1137 views

While in College how do I manage my student loans?

Don't want to graduate with a lot of debt. #student-loans

jayaprasad yadav’s Avatar
jayaprasad yadav May 09, 2016 1992 views

How do I become a good teacher?

I want to became a teacher #teaching #teacher #education #teach #teachers

michael’s Avatar
michael Apr 26, 2017 1151 views

Is doing an unpaid intership during summer instead of a paying job a good idea?

well i am thinking of doing an unpaid internship during summer instead of working a paying job wondering if this is a good career move. #internships #college-bound #summer-jobs

Josephine’s Avatar
Josephine Apr 27, 2017 1826 views

Unsure about future career?

Hi, I'm currently a sophomore in High School and I'm very indecisive on what career I want to pursue in life because my main interests are split between science and writing. How can I decide? #career #science #writing #english #undecided

sami ullah’s Avatar
sami ullah Apr 15, 2017 1433 views

Why we are studying? For knowledge or money? Why we are in depression state?

I am a university student. I observed many things like student trends about jobs and only gaining degrees. #business-development #educators #expertise #educational-leadership