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Is double majoring a great idea?

Want to know if it is a waste of time #university

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4 answers

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Lissa’s Answer

Hello Devetra,

There are great benefits to "double majoring." However, you should be sure that the degrees complement each . For instance, my son is interested in becoming a minister. He will major attend seminary school as well as major in Sociology, which will be beneficial as he travels to different countries and interact with different cultures as he conducts his ministry work. Another example is someone who wants to become a teacher in a school/district with an at-risk population. They might double major in education and social work or psychology.

Another reason to double major is to have a "back up" degree in case you do not enter your 1st field of choice.

Good luck to you. I hope this information was helpful.

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Blake’s Answer

Hey Devetra,

I think it depends how much you're going to use the major. If it's something that you won't use in your career, it might be better to take a minor instead.


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Sara’s Answer

Don't feel like you have to, but if there are two subjects you're interested in then it can definitely be worth pursuing. With college being so expensive I say get the most bang for your buck! I double majored in Political Science and Biochemistry, which lead me to work as an environmental regulator, combining elements of both degrees. It worked out well for me, because the core requirements of each major fulfilled the gen-ed requirements of the other, so I could still graduate on time.

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Charles’s Answer

Potentially yes. Depending on the subject