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Helen’s Avatar
Helen Jul 27, 2017 1202 views

#Career Help

I'm not sure what I want to do as far as a career. I love taking pictures drawing and writing stories, I'm great at organizing I like working with other people as a team, I love animals, helping other people I'm very creative I like clerical office work I think history is interesting, I'm a...

Tushar’s Avatar
Tushar Jun 25, 2017 1209 views

Which college is preferred for an undergraduate student for computer science courses ?

Respected @lionel Silberman @ollie Jones and @matt Manuel sir , I am a student from India I am sure that after my high school I will be studying in any country other than india so I was a bit confused about which country and which college would be best for me as I am a 85-95 % scorer and...

Madison’s Avatar
Madison May 18, 2016 950 views

What kind of career can I get with both a degree in Environmental studies and Geography?

I am looking into getting a degree in both Environmental studies and Geography, and I was wondering what types of jobs are out there for me. #science #career-counseling #environmental #environmental-services #geography #geotechnical-engineering

Mariel’s Avatar
Mariel May 05, 2016 1009 views

Do I have to major in biology to be an ornithologist/zoologist?

I want to be a zoologist, specifically an ornithologist focused on research and conservation. However, I'm not particularly interested in what is going on inside the bird. I understand how that would be important to know, but I don't want my major (i.e. biology) to simply be focused on this....

Josephine’s Avatar
Josephine Jun 03, 2017 1051 views

If you want to be a veterinarian, how many years of schooling would that be?

Would it be the same amount of years as becoming a doctor? Can you go to regular colleges for education and then proceed to med schools? -- I was just wondering since I have always loved animals though I have never really considered it as a career (or a number one choice of a career)....

Abigail’s Avatar
Abigail May 30, 2017 1091 views

How can I find a summer job or internship relevant to my career path?

I'm a junior in high school and am interested in science but keep getting rejected from summer jobs that build leadership skills by teaching younger students science. I also have not found relevant internships, and I'm afraid of getting rejected once I do because of the competition from other...

Kevin’s Avatar
Kevin May 31, 2017 1244 views

What skills are needed to get hired in engineering?

Years ago, I earned a degree in engineering science. Then I spent the next 20 years working in retail. Now I'm looking to switch careers - and I really don't want to have to spend a fortune in schooling when I already have a BS (and a BA in history, BTW). No engineering organization will look...

Julianna ’s Avatar
Julianna May 30, 2017 5902 views

What's better? Being an Obstetrician/Gynecologist or a Pediatrician?

I am currently a Freshman in High School and I am having a little trouble deciding what kind of doctor I want to be, so I want to know the pros and cons of both. #babies #toddlers #career-details

Citlali’s Avatar
Citlali May 30, 2017 6568 views

What are the best majors to take if aiming to become a forensic pathologist?

I'm trying to plan how to become a forensic pathologist but I'm having some trouble in choosing a major. I understand that a doctorate is needed but the only information that I can find on majors says that a bachelor degree in science is needed. Is there any benefit to certain science majors...

Jose’s Avatar
Jose May 04, 2016 945 views

How do I use my environmental skills in a future career as a soccer player?

I want to be a soccer player, and I am good at soccer. #environmental-science #soccer #athletics #athlete #environmental-services

Josephine’s Avatar
Josephine May 25, 2017 1024 views

What is the best way to self study for SATs and ACTs over the summer?

I'm planning on taking the SAT and ACT after the summer and I am planing to self study. What are some of the most effective ways of studying and what are some tips so that I can do well? Which is less challenging one in your opinion? #college #science #math #writing #testing #sat

Kemi’s Avatar
Kemi May 19, 2017 32847 views

What is a good GPA for computer science?

I just finished my first semester of computer science and have average grades so far. Was wondering what is typically considered a good gpa for cs. #computer-science

Jessie’s Avatar
Jessie May 19, 2017 12360 views

Would I be able to double major is nursing and biology or chemistry?

I know that I don't need a nursing degree to become a surgeon but I would still like to get one in case things don't go as planned. I've heard a lot of people saying that it's kind of hard to get into medical school with a nursing degree so I would like to also get a degree in biology or...

Jessie’s Avatar
Jessie May 18, 2017 693 views

Would nursing be a good pre-med course to take if you want to become a surgeon?

Nursing gives you a good job to fall back on if you aren't able to become a surgeon but is it good enough to go to medical school with? #nursing #medicine #surgery #career-details

Darrian’s Avatar
Darrian May 18, 2017 2178 views

How did failing a class in college affect your career decision?

I have recently just finished my first year of college. I am currently an Industrial Engineering major and i have failed calculus 2. At the moment, i am feeling very disappointed in myself and am considering switching majors. I know that is is my fault that I did not put in the necessary time...