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Mariel O. May 05, 2016 490 views

Do I have to major in biology to be an ornithologist/zoologist?

I want to be a zoologist, specifically an ornithologist focused on research and conservation. However, I'm not particularly interested in what is going on inside the bird. I understand how that would be important to know, but I don't want my major (i.e. biology) to simply be focused on this....

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Madison D. May 18, 2016 515 views

What kind of career can I get with both a degree in Environmental studies and Geography?

I am looking into getting a degree in both Environmental studies and Geography, and I was wondering what types of jobs are out there for me. #science #career-counseling #environmental #environmental-services #geography...


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Sharlene M. Jul 07, 2016 3241 views

What is a recommended major to pair with an environmental science minor?

I am a rising sophomore in college who has declared an environmental science minor, however I am uncertain with regards to what major would best fit an environmental science minor. #environmental...


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Sharlene M. Jul 09, 2016 499 views

Besides the general biology major requirements and environmental science minor courses what kind of other classes would be helpful for this major and minor?

I am a rising sophomore in college who has declared a minor in environmental science and is considering a biology major or some similar major such as (i.e. microbiology, biochemistry). I need to take several elective courses as graduation requirements and I'm wondering what kind of elective...

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Sharlene M. Aug 03, 2016 649 views

What kind of opportunities are out there for individuals who want to combine biology with environmental science and the health sciences?

I'm looking into many different career paths and I'm trying to find the best one for me. These are the three subjects that I am interested in and I'm wondering if there is a way where I can combine all three subjects. #biology #health #environmental...


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Alyssa C. Oct 25, 2016 694 views

How do you think the increasing environmental issues of the planet will impact the field of environmental science and studies?

I have been interested in studying the environment since my freshman year in high school when I took my first environmental biology class and wonder how the ever increasing issues that the environment today is facing will end up changing various parts of the study. For example, job...

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Bailey A. Oct 26, 2016 573 views

What is the best advice you have for someone going into the Environmental Science field?

I would like to major in environmental science, and love hearing input from professionals about the field. #science #environmental-science...


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Sedona R. Oct 29, 2016 639 views

For those interested in pursuing a career in ecology and evolutionary biology, what types of jobs are available that involve working in the field with real organisms?

I have always been very interested in biology and animals, so when I discovered the ecology and evolutionary biology major at most prestigious schools, I thought it would be perfect! However, I know that I am a very hands on learner who would prefer to be out in the environment as opposed to at...

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Sedona R. Oct 29, 2016 606 views

Which college provides the best programs for both science and teaching?

I am interested in both biology and education, so I was wondering which colleges or universities (preferably Northeast) have the best programs for these two careers. #science #teaching #biology #education #ecology #environmental-services #evolutionary-biology...


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Josephine C. May 07, 2017 667 views

Jobs in science?

What are some jobs in science that don't require being stuck in a lab all day yet can also pay well for...

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Squilzzzzzzz F. May 08, 2017 613 views

What exactly does a CNA Do?

I want to be in a medical field but im not sure about being a CNA...


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Devetra C. May 09, 2017 696 views
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Alex D. May 11, 2017 418 views

How much money does a veterinarian make yearly?

I want to know a good job that makes a decent amount of money and also works with animals. #veterinary...