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If you want to be a veterinarian, how many years of schooling would that be?

Would it be the same amount of years as becoming a doctor? Can you go to regular colleges for education and then proceed to med schools?

-- I was just wondering since I have always loved animals though I have never really considered it as a career (or a number one choice of a career).

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5 answers

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Kim’s Answer


Vet school is extremely competitive. I was just discussing this yesterday. A lady who used to be the vet tech at my vet's office just returned as a licensed veterinarian! She said there are only about 30 schools in the country. Having had animals all my life, and too many that have gotten sick or injured, I hold a special place in my heart for Vets!!They are awesome people, and have to know so much. Unlike human doctors, vets usually treat every condition, referring to specialists only in the most complex of cases. They have to be able to diagnose problems, even though the patient cannot talk! And, they have great people skills!

It really takes a special kind of person to be a vet. If you feel this way, we'd love to have you here in Texas. Texas A&M turns out some great Vets. But, make sure to find out the admission requirements early in the process, so that you make the best use of your undergraduate years.


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Sara’s Answer

Both doctors and veterinarians have the same amount formal schooling in that they must earn a bachelors degree (approximately 4 years) followed by 4 years of Medical School (for doctors) or Veterinary School (for veterinarians). So 8 years total after high school.

Where they differ is that doctors must also complete a residency, which is an additional3-7 years of intensive training in their speciality before they can practice medicine on their own. Residencies aren't required for veterinarians, but many still choose to do one if they want to specialize.

Regarding bachelors degrees, it is true that if you want to be a doctor or a veterinarian you can attend any school and major in anything however both medical and veterinary schools have specific pre requisite courses that must be completed (like biology, chemistry, English, etc.) in order to be considered for admission.

If you want to be a veterinarian I'd recommend looking at an agricultural college, or somewhere that offers a major in animal science, which can provide you will more specific preparation for vet school beyond a biology degree. Also look for schools that offer pre-vet advising and have a good track record of getting their graduates admitted into vet school.

Good luck and I wish you all the best!

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Rose’s Answer

Plan ahead and look at admission requirements for some potential vet schools. Many give priority to applicants who have not only completed a BS in biology or a related field, but also have a year or more of work experience with vets. I went to business school at University of California, Davis, which has one of the top vet schools in the country.

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Richard’s Answer

Both vet and med school require a bachelor's degree which usually takes 4 years.

And both vet and med school last 4 years.

Doctors also have to complete a 3-6 year residency.

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Nanette’s Answer

It is 8 years total. 4 yrs of undergrad and 4 yrs vet school.