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Would I be able to double major is nursing and biology or chemistry?

Asked De Tour Village, Michigan

I know that I don't need a nursing degree to become a surgeon but I would still like to get one in case things don't go as planned. I've heard a lot of people saying that it's kind of hard to get into medical school with a nursing degree so I would like to also get a degree in biology or chemistry. I plan on attending college right after I graduate and majoring in nursing and a science course is that possible? #college #science #nursing #medical #biology #chemistry

4 answers

Debra’s Answer

Updated Roswell, Georgia

It would be possible to double major in Nursing and Chemistry or Biology - but very difficult..and you will need to find a school that would allow you to do that. All colleges won't - even if they offer both of the degrees you're interested in. A nursing degree is quite challenging and requires lots of math and science to begin with. And I'm referring to a BS in Nursing. You can work as a nurse with just a 2-year degree... Make sure you understand what an RN - a registered nurse is. The RN refers to state.national licensure or certification - not the educational degree the person has. An RN could have completed a 2-year degree and taken and passed the RN licensure exam. And a RN could also be someone who has a 4-year Bachelor of Science in Nursing and then took and passed the RN licensure exam. The RN refers to the passing the nursing licensure exam. Also know that the industry is moving to toward POSSIBLY having all RN's obtain a Bachelor Degree in Nursing before they can sit for the licensure exam to become an RN. This MAY happen by 2020. But for now, you can still sit for the RN licensure exam even if you have a 2 year nursing degree.

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Some places may also let you double major in Nursing and Pre-med - though not many. Any nursing degree requires Clinicals - and once you start your clinicals - working in different settings as a nurse while you learn - it's full time - so when would you have time to work on another degree program? Most schools will discourage a double degree in nursing and something else. Not many nursing double major in Nursing and something else. It's not common. Try to speak with people who DO what you want to do... talk to nurses... different kinds who have different degrees....and ask lots of questions. Consider volunteering at hospitals or clinics so you can see what they do and talk to them about their education. There's no better resource than that. Good luck.

Yes, I totally agree. A double major in Nursing and Biology is a waste of time and money. It is difficult at best and not practical. If you want to be a doctor, get a Bachelors in biology or chemistry and then apply to med school. There is a huge difference between being a Doctor and a Registered Nurse. They include, role, responsibilities, education, and length of schooling. Before starting any process I suggest talking to your high school guidance counselor, or do google searches. It sounds like you have been given incorrect information before you posted your question in this forum. The way to make an informed choice is to do some research, and reach out to websites such as this one. I hope I was of some help, Lisa

Sara’s Answer

Updated Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Its a great idea to have a back up plan, but in this case I think your back up may hinder your ability to achieve your primary goal. Keep in mind that in order to get into med school you need top grades, which will be difficult to achieve while meeting the demands of both a science and nursing degree. While in college I'd recommend focusing solely on what you need to do to get into med school. If it doesn't work out the pre requisites you'll take will set you up nicely to start the journey to an RN or many other exciting and well paying jobs in the sciences and medicine.

Vernon’s Answer

Updated Kingsland, Texas

Yes. Please do. You'll better understand the total functions of animals and plants.

Tanya’s Answer

Updated El Paso, Texas

If you want to be a surgeon, stick with the science degree. As an advanced practice nurse, if I had to do it all over again, I would go to medical school. If you obtain a degree in biology, or chemistry, and then decide you don't want to go to medical school, you can attend an accelerated nursing program to get a nursing degree. Just focus on your science degree, start studying for your MCAT early, and stay the course. You'll be a great surgeon.