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Abigail W. May 30, 2017 530 views

How can I find a summer job or internship relevant to my career path?

I'm a junior in high school and am interested in science but keep getting rejected from summer jobs that build leadership skills by teaching younger students science. I also have not found relevant internships, and I'm afraid of getting rejected once I do because of the competition from other...

#summer-jobs #summer-internship

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Abigail W. May 30, 2017 439 views

What are some relevant careers involving biology or chemistry and what should I major in to enter those careers?

I know I'm interested in a career in biology or chemistry or both, but I don't know what major I should choose to have flexibility in choosing careers in both fields. I want to enter a high-paying career that will not expire in the near future. Or maybe my uncertainty as a junior in high...

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