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Bridget W. Apr 12, 2018 295 views

Do You Think I Should Settle or Do Something I Love?

I've been on the fence as to whether I should pursue something I love for my career, something in the arts like photography and dance, or if I should pursue a career that I can at least put up with so I can support myself enough to be able to do the things I love? I'm torn and I am horrible at...

#settle #dance #art #photography #undecided

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Bridget W. Apr 12, 2018 346 views

How Did You Figure Out What Your Dream Job Was?

I'm a high school senior who has wanted to be a veterinarian ever since middle school, but after shadowing every veterinarian in my area, I realized that I did not want to be a veterinarian anymore. Since then, I have changed my "career path" numerous times. I thought I wanted to be a wildlife...

#surgeon #systemsarchitect #lawyer #choreography #veterinarian #teacher #help #wildlife-biology #pseo #dance #photography #stressed #environmental-science