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areas of shortage qualified people

Anyone else notice areas that need qualified people have either expensive tests to take, expensive books, complicated or just not really good for everyone to go for? Ex. Cyber security certification entry level test comptia about $100 to take the test if I recall correctly. But CISSP a few thpusand. College classes are high cost to and you still dont get all. Maybe shpuld be more of a pipeline system instead of a person with debt pay more for something you may not get hired at because of time passed job maybe filled or a area you dont care for but want a job because of high pay? My ex. Microsoft comes out with Windows new Job places want to pay you like a 20 year old, dedication of a 30 year old and job experience of a 40 year old with 3+ years of work and certification in the program that is less then a year old. #GivingisCaring #nowinsceniaro

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