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What is the best trade school nationwide for welding?

I'm debating on future schooling next year, which school would be most cost efficient and still an outstanding education. #weld #manufacturing #skilled-trades #machine-learning

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2 answers

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Patrick’s Answer

The previous person meant to say TULSA* welding school, however this is a loaded question, i am familiar with tulsa welding school because i grew up right by Tulsa Oklahoma. That is where it started. The only difference is that the Jacksonville school has a dive program for underwater welding. Please specify what your end goal as a welder is and what type of welding you want to do. As a veteran, my school was paid for by the VA system. I chose a smaller cheaper school though. Please specify more in the question and i would love to give a little more insight.

My end goal is to get my certifications for structural and pipe welding. Although underwater welding is a great paycheck, it's a little too dangerous for my taste. I'd like to keep my feet on/above the ground. So far, I'm leaning towards a smaller school, Hobart Institute of Welding. Thank you for your response. Your insight is greatly appreciated! Veronica C.

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Pamela’s Answer

Telsa welding school Jacksonville florida