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Is it fun to be a Mechanical Engineer?


Hey, I'm a sophomore at Codman Academy. I want to know if Mechanical Engineering is a fun job to do in the future. Also what skills are involved. #engineering #mechanics

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Brad’s Answer

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Mechanical Engineering is VERY FUN if you find the right job for you. For example, I have always loved audio and I would rather be a big part of something small rather than a small part of something big. Thus I worked as a mechanical design engineer for a speaker company and LOVED IT! Almost every day was fun. I actually looked forward to mondays!

I designed speakers in a 3-d CAD environment. I built prototypes with my hands to validate my design. I worked with vendors to build the parts that I designed. I worked with manufactures to assemble the parts that I designed. I really enjoyed taking a project from a simple idea to something I could see on the shelves at a store.

Mechanical engineering is VERY BROAD. Think of an industry you like, they need a mechanical engineer. Whether it's snowboarding (fun in the snow), medical devices (helping people), airplanes (who doesn't like to fly), or anything else.

Now, it is fun every single day? No, that's why they call it a JOB and that's why they pay you. But if you can find a job that matches you, the fun days WAY out weigh the non-fun days.

Main Skills involved: - Math (more for school than for after school, at least for me, I don't do much calculus/diff eq anymore) - Problem Solving - Team Work - as an engineer you will work on teams, there is no question - You must like a challenge - I'm not sure if that's a skill, but it's important to know getting into engineering.

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丽霞’s Answer

Mechanical Engineer is a very broad concept, related industry research and development, design, planning, production, quality and even procurement, sales of these positions can be counted as mechanical engineers. The corresponding mechanical professional can choose the career path is also abundant, not small and medium-sized enterprises and production-related jobs so monotonous. So this is a very interesting career. May involve the work content depends on your enterprise work mode, if you are responsible for research and development, then design, calculation, simulation, drawing, assembly feedback processing, design optimization and so on are a person to do. This may design the product periphery design, for example installs the jig, satisfies the customer to propose the design request. In addition, communication, communication including your communication with suppliers, selection of the exchange, and production, process, test communication. The most interesting thing about a post is that you have a pair of interesting eyes, a blessing, a sophomore.
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