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What recommendations do you have on getting into Vet school ?

I plan to go to vet school after undergrad but these schools are especially selective and difficult to get into. What are your recommendations for things that I can work on that will set me apart from other applicants?
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2 answers

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Valerie’s Answer

Hi there,
2 of my best friends from college went to vet school, I chose to go to medical school. Both of them worked at local animal shelters to volunteer. One of them did a research project about lyme's disease in mice at our university. They both had really great grades in undergraduate school and they did well on the GRE, which is a test to help get into vet school. They also both worked as teaching assistants to help other students that were struggling academically. One of these students are at The University of Pennsylvania vet school and the other is at Kansas Vet School. They both love their schools and love veterinarian medicine. Also, I recommend trying to work as a vet tech at a local animal hospital near you.
Good luck

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Deb’s Answer

Hi Emma G
While I’m not a Vet, I know a lot about differentiating yourself and standing out from among a big pile of applicants
My advice to you is to demonstrate “ layers” of interest around animals and caring for animals. My guess is you’ve probably been doing this for years. In addition to strong academic performance especially in math and science, you want to be seen as empathetic and caring. You want to demonstrate a true love of animals through owning your own pets, to caring for others, volunteering at a vet , farm or other animal facility. You want to highlight how animals have always been an important part of your life

Deb recommends the following next steps:

Volunteer at a humane society
Work or volunteer at a vet
Start an animal focused network where people share stories about their pets