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How much blood do you see as a cardiologist ?

I want to know about this question because I want to become a cardiologist but have a little bit of a problem with blood. A little bit of blood is fine but surgery is ok but not the greatest. #cardiologist #blood

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3 answers

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Jared’s Answer

I am not a cardiologist, so I don't know how much blood you might end up seeing as a cardiologist (although my intuition tells me that you might see quite a lot of it, given that a cardiologist is an expert in the heart, which is of course the great blood-pumping organ of our bodies). Let's see what the doctors on CareerVillage have to say about that...

However, I would like to suggest that if you are squeamish, that doesn't preclude you from a wonderful career in medicine. There are all manner of medical careers that will keep you away from the really gory stuff. Have you considered something like radiology? Perhaps psychiatric medicine?

ok mr jared chung Gobinath P.

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KristieCodman2’s Answer

How does a normal day in the radiology field go ? Do they get paid well ?

Hi Kristie, we're super happy you asked another question! But, in order for people to find your follow-up, you should start a new question (by click on "Ask a question", or in your case 2 new questions, e.g., "What is the average salary for a radiologist?" and "What is a normal day in radiology like?" and tag them both with "radiologist" "medicine" and "health-care" so more people can find them easily. J Pan

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Sarah’s Answer

You would encounter alot of blood as a physician regardless of your specialty especially in medical school. More blood of you deal with Trauma ER or surgery.