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What kind of jobs can I get after college from a sports management or criminal justice major?

Updated Lakeland, Florida

I am interested in coaching or being in an organization and I am interested in police and detective work. #sports-management #police-and-law-enforcement #criminal-justice

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Carmen’s Answer

Updated Sacramento, CA

Hi Aaron, My name is Carmen Igano, I am a Senior Project Manager, however, I do have affiliations with people in both of your respective majors. With a Sports Management degree you have several possibities depending upon what area of management you are interested in. If you live in or near a city with any type of professional sporting team there are multiple career positions that would be a possibility. My advice would be to research local sports in and near your area and view current job openings to see what the role and responsibilities are. If major league sports is not something you are aiming for or interested in the other option would be to research career opportunties at a local Fitness centers or even a sports medicine facility. There are just a few options that would be available to you and I am sure there are many more. As for the criminal justice major, again, this field is limitless , anything from becoming a peace officer to a forensic specialists, it all depends on your passion and interests. If you are not sure which of these two directions you want to go it may be beneficial for you to try and connect with someone in both fields for a mentoring session to gain more information on what their careers entail and if you feel it would be a good fit for you. Both majors will give you many career opportunities! I hope this advice is helpful and I wish you the best of luck in whatever education and career path you decide.

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