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What are the best scholarship applications to complete?

I am asking this question because I want to plan ahead for my future in my freshman year instead of procrastinating. The more scholarship applications I can complete, the more of a chance of getting scholarships or colleges seeking me.


Thank you comment icon I actually started January 2018 and 6 months later… pays off! Way to go for getting ahead this summer. The site Going Merry helps connect students to scholarship $$$! + you get to meet a lot of amazing supportive people! I met Stanford Grads, business people, doctors, dentists, engineers, etc! With this extra help, I’m pretty much set this year for at least tuition (not factoring other expenses) sooo... help yourself out too! If you are motivated you can start to earn $$$ too! Going Merry makes things easier, but you still need to put in the hard work! My advice is put in the effort now (take the time to apply) so you do not have to worry in the future (ditch the loans, no more debt!). >>> (refer for free swag!) Caitlin

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1 answer

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Raven’s Answer

Hey Mark!

This is awesome, I did exactly the same thing when I was looking into colleges and universities, there are a multitude of scholarships out there-literally for EVERYTHING!!!

Raven recommends the following next steps: is a great place to start!
Speak to your guidance consular about what scholarships are offered through programs connected to your school.
Many colleges offer their own scholarships so research that with the colleges you're looking into.