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Will teachers ever be paid what their worth?

I would love to teach, but they don't make enough money to support themselves. #teacher #k-12-education

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2 answers

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Karen’s Answer

There are few people in any field who feel they are paid what they are worth.  However, teachers do work very hard and have a reputation for not being paid well.  If $ is what you're after, you could consider being a corporate trainer where you work at a for-profit company and can possibly work your way up.

I must add that most teachers are rewarded with a lot of gratification in knowing they have had a lasting impact on their students.

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Anthony’s Answer

Hello Skylar,

Its Anthony in all honesty I think its tough to say at times for the answer to your question, but I do realize that in certain areas the pay scale for teacher's is greater than other areas. I dont know these days you really have to research different areas and keep building your experience in which case you can be looked at as an educator deserving of a strong salary.